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Top 10 Expressions to Start with in Arabic

Top 10 Expressions to Start with in Arabic

What do you know about Arabic?

Are you considering starting to learn Arabic? Great idea! As you probably know, Arabic (or al-ʿArabiyyah) is the lingua franca of the Arab world. There are around 400 million speakers of the Arabic language if we take into consideration all of its varieties. It makes it the fifth most spoken language in the whole world! While learning Arabic you may encounter various obstacles, but finding a person to talk to surely won’t be one of them 😉

The majority of these people speak Standard Arabic, which is the modern form of Classical Arabic. Learning Standard Arabic is a good starting point to get to know the diverse Arab culture. Of course, considering the great number of Arabic speakers, you have to be aware that the colloquial language may vary from one region to another. Indeed, there are three major dialect groups: Western, Northern and Southern. But regardless of the region, Standard Arabic is the language that will allow you to communicate with the native community without mishap.

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