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8 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Non-native English Accent

8 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Non-native English Accent


Although the recipe for success is relatively easy, not everyone might be determined enough. The good news is that virtually everyone may reduce their non-native accent after a month. And that without leaving home.  

To start with, it will be helpful if you realise 3 facts:

  1. English sounds are different than sounds in your language
  2. the English language has its own melody
  3. the pronunciation of the entire sentence differs from the pronunciation of words said separately

Bearing that in mind, I provide you with a few ideas which will enable you to improve your pronunciation up to the level where you will not sound “non-native” in English anymore.

“Quick fix”

1. Vowels & consonants

In English vowels are often strongly reduced, consonants, however, are pronounced quite clearly – try to speak exactly like that 🙂

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