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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Know more about Eurovision with VocApp!

Every year, there is a music contest in Europe that brings together about fifty-two countries. This song contest is very important in these countries and along the European region. However, if you are not from there, you probably wonder: What is Eurovision? What is this “music festival”? Why does it last a week? And more importantly, how does it brings together so many European countries and others?

What about Eurovision winners, do you know any? Maybe you do and are not aware of it. If we know mention the winning top Eurovision songs, I bet you have hear of some! Do you wonder when is Eurovision Song Contest 2019? Read our VocApp blog and learn all about the Eurovision Song Contest winners, about the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv and all the controversies of the show, together with the expectations for this year’s winner.

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