Combining Numerous Passions: Interview with Audrius

Combining Numerous Passions: Interview with Audrius

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Audrius is yet another brilliant person we met at this year’s Polyglot Gathering in Berlin. Being an expert in many fields, including environmental sciences and languages, he is a true 21st-century renaissance man 🙂 Check out our interview in which he talks about how to overcome stagnation and how languages can influence your life.

VocApp: Hi Audrius.

Audrius: Hello.

Thanks for giving us your time. I have a couple of questions, and I’m really interested in your answers to them. The first one would be: you’re a scientist, so why did you decide to add learning multiple languages to what I imagine must be a very busy schedule.

I think for me, I have two passions. One is a passion for science, the other is for languages. I’m really passionate about the climate change and the ways to mitigate it and I’d like contribute to finding ways to do that. On the other hand, I have had this big love for languages for quite a long time. For me, I’m just trying to combine those two things and they’re not necessarily very unrelated.

Is your learning process well organized or do you improvise a lot?

It depends. Actually, I’m looking, I’m still searching for the ultimate… the most efficient way to learn languages. For some languages, it’s more organized. For others, it’s not. What I could say is I’m still searching for the method that would work best for me.

Okay. Have you ever been in a situation when you stopped making progress despite your efforts? If yes, what did you do then? What was your solution?

Yes. Talking about those languages which share less similarities with the ones I have just learned, in particular with the ones that I’m very familiar with, I really need to focus on them when I learn them. Sometimes I just don’t find enough time to study hard. As a result, the progress is very slow or almost non-existent. That’s how I get to the situation, which is always just spend more time to study them more intensely.

How has knowing languages influenced your life? I know you’ve lived in Iceland. I know you’ve traveled the world.

I couldn’t say I’ve traveled the world, but I’ve been to some countries. I like traveling a lot. I think learning languages is a very interesting activity. You get to know people, and you can talk to people in their native tongues or common languages. Life gets more interesting. If I ever get bored in life, I think languages might be one of those supports that I could find some kind of comfort in.

Thank you so much for the interview. It was a pleasure to talk to you!

Thank you for having me!

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