Get ready for the upcoming German week!Los! Abfahrt, Leute!

Get ready for the upcoming German week!Los! Abfahrt, Leute!

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“Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache”
Many people think that German is the most complicated and difficult language to learn. Perhaps you’re one of them? That’s why today we’re going to give you a few reasons to see things differently.
So here’s some information that might help you change your mind.
Not many people know that German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe! Indeed, it is used by nearly 100 million people. German is also the official language in several European countries such as Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and even in the Italian region of South Tyrol. This could be very interesting for those who love to travel.

This week we offer you a week entirely dedicated to German, all courses are detailed and accompanied by precise explanations. There is a new course to discover every single day!

Just one more thing to know, German is really close to English and the languages of Northern Europe, in fact, 97% of the most common English words would be of Germanic origin. If you have some knowledge of English, it will help you to progress more quickly in German.

So yes, we understand that German grammar and its declinations, nouns genders and also the plural are such complicated things to learn and it can be quite scary, but we won’t let you down.

If you’re still here reading our article, we think you might be interested in what happens next.
If you want to know more about the program for the coming week, we invite you to continue your reading: Keine Rose ohne Dornen!

Montag, den 15. April

We invite you to discover the basics of communication through simple and useful explanations! At the end of this lesson, you will be able to have a basic conversation in German, use polite words, and order whether a « sauerkraut » or a « kartoffelsalat » with a good German « Bier » after a long day of sightseeing.

Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst!

Dienstag, den 16. April

(German Beers)

Here is a course that should interest some of you! Indeed, today we will go through the different German beers and their specific characteristics. Here is a sneak peek of the course: German beer originated in the early Middle Ages, hence it has been part of German culture and gastronomy for centuries. There are many types of beer in Germany, but the number one is definitely the pils, which dominates 70% of the market.  Exports and weissbier, each occupy around 10% of the domestic market. If you are “thirsty” for extra knowledge on this topic, do not hesitate to click on our link, PROST!:

Mittwoch, den 17. April

Being the leading economic power in Europe, Germany can be an interesting country to collaborate with, and when it comes to international relations, it’s always better to be able to speak different languages, and German should definitely be in your list.
The following course on German for Business could help you when it comes to studying for an exam, training for an interview or simply remembering a basic commercial vocabulary that is useful in everyday life. Wer will, der kann!

Donnerstag, den 18. April

In today’s course, we invite you to discover typical German proverbs and phrases. If you do want to improve your German and gain a deeper knowledge of the German culture, we invite you to discover some of them here (over 600 of them!):

Freitag, den 19. April

For the pleasure of your eyes and in order to broaden your knowledge of Germany, we suggest you check out this course and discover the best places to visit in this beautiful country.

You will find information about Berlin, which once again became the capital of the country after the country’s reunification in October 1990. We will then take you to Hamburg and its incomparable charm with its impressive greenery and waterways. And we’ll go all the way to Munich, THE German football city, also known for its traditions and beers.

If you haven’t been to Germany yet, this course might change your mind.

Lieber spät als nie!

What do you think about it? Shall we start this new adventure together?

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You are now ready to wander through the streets of Berlin like a real German.


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