How to Plan a perfect trip: Learn the Airport Vocabulary

How to Plan a perfect trip: Learn the Airport Vocabulary

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We all love travelling!

The thrilling feeling of jumping on an airplane to reach a new destination, looking out of the plane window and seeing the sky, overcoming any distance and your limits!

However, traveling can be stressful sometimes, in particular if you do not speak the language of the country you are visiting. Catching a plane suddenly becomes harder, getting to the airport can turn into an adventure. “Where is the shuttle bus?”, “How do I reach the airport?”, “Where are the international departures?”.. how many times have you struggled to ask these questions in another language?! Well, now is time to enjoy your trip to the fullest , no stress, no problems, no panic of getting lost and missing your flight.

Now, VocApp has created the perfect traveling guidebook, in several languages, to help make your trip perfect. Are you interested? Keep reading this article to know more about airport vocabulary and useful phrases to learn in Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. Get ready before your journey starts!

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  • Arrivals

I am at the arrivals waiting for you.

Sono agli arrivi ad aspettarti.

Estoy a las llegadas de vuelos esperándote.

Je suis aux arrivées en train de t’attendre.

Eu estou na zona de chegadas à tua espera.

Ich warte auf dich bei der Ankunftsstelle.

  • Boarding pass 

Oh no, I lost my boarding pass.

Oh no, ho perso la mia carta d’imbarco.

Oh no, he perdido mi tarjeta de embarque.

Oh non, j’ai perdu ma carte d’embarquement.

Oh não, perdi o meu bilhete de embarque.

Oh nein, ich habe meine Bordkarte verloren.

  • Boarding time

Boarding time has changed.

L’orario di imbarco è cambiato.

La hora de abordar ha cambiado.

L’heure d’embarquement a été modifiée.

O horário de embarque mudou.

Die Einstiegszeit wurde geändert.

  • Check-in

I need to check-in one luggage.

Devo imbarcare un bagaglio.

Tengo que chequear una maleta.

Je dois enregistrer un bagage.

Preciso de fazer check-in de uma bagagem.

Ich muss ein Gepäck einchecken.

  • Departures

I just arrived at the departures.

Sono appena arrivato alle partenze.

He llegado ahora mismo a las salidas de vuelos.

Je viens d’arriver aux départs.

Acabei de chegar à zona das partidas.

Ich bin gerade bei der abgangsstelle angekommen.

  • Domestic flight

Do I need the passport for a domestic flight?

Ho bisogno del passaporto per i voli nazionali?

Necesito el pasaporte para viagar en vuelos nacionales?

Est-ce que j’ai besoin du passeport pour un vol national?

Preciso do passaporte para voos domésticos?

Benötige ich einen Reisepass für inlandsflüge?

  • Gate

Where is the gate A2?

Dov’è il gate A2?

Donde está la puerta de embarque A2?

Où est la porte d’embarquement A2?

Onde fica a porta de embarque A2?

Wo ist das gate A2?

  • International flight

This is a cheap international flight.

Questo è un volo internazionale economico.

Este es un vuelo internacional barato.

C’est un vol international low-cost.

Este é um voo internacional barato.

Dies ist ein billiger internationaler flug.

  • Liquids

Liquids are not allowed.

I liquidi non sono ammessi.

Los liquidos no están permitidos.

Les liquides ne sont pas autorisés.

Líquidos não são permitidos.

Flüssigkeiten sind nicht erlaubt.

  • One-way

One-way ticket to Berlin, please.

Un biglietto di sola andata per Berlino, per favore.

Un billete de ida a Berlin, por favor.

Un aller simple pour Berlin s’il vous plaît.

Um bilhete de ida para Berlim, por favor.

Einen einzelfahrschein nach Berlin bitte.

  • Passport control

Please go through the passport control.

Per favore, passi attraverso il controllo passaporti.

Por favor, pase en el control de pasaporte.

Veuillez passer par le contrôle des passeports.

Por favor, passe pelo controle de passaportes.

Gehen Sie bitte durch die passkontrolle.

  • Return

I want to buy a return ticket.

Voglio comprare un biglietto di andata e ritorno.

Quiero comprar un billete de ida y vuelta.

Je veux acheter un billet retour.

Quero comprar um bilhete de regresso.

Ich möchte eine rückfahrkarte kaufen.

  • Shuttle

This is a direct shuttle bus to the airport.

Questa è una navetta diretta verso l’aeroporto.

Este es un  servicio regular de enlace directo hacía el aeropuerto.

C’est une navette directe vers l’aéroport.

Este é um shuttle bus que vai direto para o aeroporto.

Dieser shuttlebus hat eine direkte Verbindung zum Flughafen.

  • Stopover

I have a two hours stopover in London.

Ho uno scalo di due ore a Londra.

Tengo una escala de dos horas en Londres.

J’ai une escale de deux heures à Londres.

Tenho de fazer uma escala de duas horas em Londres.

Ich habe einen zwischenstopp in London. Aufenthalt dort ist zwei Stunden.

  • Visa

I have a traveling visa.

Ho un visto da viaggio.

Tengo una visa de turista.

J’ai un visa de voyage.

Eu tenho um visto de turismo.

Ich habe einen reisevisum.


Finally, you have a list of the most useful words and phrases related to the airport! So, pack your bag, turn your “adventure mood” on and download our app! You can find over 30 languages to learn, with various levels and topics! This way, you will have your own traveling guidebook 24/7 with you.

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s VocApp! Come and visit us on:

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