International Day of Families- May 15

International Day of Families- May 15

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Read our blog and learn about the International Day of Families May 15!  You must wonder how did the International Day of Families start? And how is it different from other Family Day celebrations? Do you want to learn more about how countries celebrates families? Do you know what the term “family” means in different cultures? Continue reading our blog and learn more about this important day and celebrate with us the International Day of Families

United Nations

According to UN’s website, the May 15 International Day of Families is a moment to reflect and celebrate the importance of family, people, societies and cultures all over the globe. The United Nations sees the family as the basis of unity of society. Learn more about their cause in their website: 

The International day of Families is an occasion created to promote awareness for the issues revolving around the family dynamics, whether they are of social, economic or demographic nature. This occasion promotes a series of awareness-raising events. Many countries use it to demonstrate various segments important to the family environment. These events can be workshops and conferences,  articles or cultural programes following the theme.

In 2019, the theme is “Families and Climate Action” and it focuses on the improvement of education and its institutions. It also focuses on the necessary changes of climate change and impact reduction. It intends to integrate climate change measures in the national policies of all countries.

Family structure

Lets now talk about the different structures of family around the world and their cultural differences. In northern European countries and the United States and Canada, the family appears to be mainly a nuclear family, with a father, mother and children. As for most of the rest of the world, extended families, counting with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are also considered “family”.

However, the 20th century changed all the standards, and saw the greatest disruption in history of family change. These days, family can also be unmarried, divorced, as well as, homossexual. Moreover, nuclear families are spreading around the world as the predominant family structure.  

These structural norms, however, are changing very fast and the “family” as we knew is no more. For example, the new generations in developed countries put off marriage and childbirth, and replace it with longer education and career building. Another fact of today’s family is that the divorce rates are rapidly increasing.

The United States have the highest divorce rate in the world. Americans seem to marry, divorce and remarry faster than any other country. Another change for the family old norms, is the marriage within the LGBT+ community. In many countries, marriage and adoption by same sex couples is now a possibility and therefore, different family dynamics are emerging. Apart from that, intermarriage is also growing, with people from different races marrying each other.

With all these recent changes in the family dynamics, it is vital to create measures and terms to help the countries adjust to the alterations. Therefore, the International Day of Families is an essential celebration to motivate the leadership of different countries with different cultures, to adapt and improve their political and social attitudes, while protecting and helping its people.


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Written by Bárbara Marques

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