Learn the main Italian words for travelling

Learn the main Italian words for travelling

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If you are tired of traveling only from your room to your kitchen, and vice versa, just as I did during my quarantine, I bet you have a crazy desire to travel around Europe and the world right now. If you haven’t been to Italy yet, this is probably the right time to start planning your next vacation there. Why? Well, the “Bel Paese” has so much to offer to people who love to travel. Sea, mountains, UNESCO sites, beautiful cities, history, and so much more… Something that Italy has to offer and that is worth mentioning is the Italian language.

The Italian language is a Romance language spoken mainly in Italy, but which can also be practiced in other places because of the large Italian communities scattered around the world. The Italian language is ranked as the 21st most spoken language in the world. Foreigners love to learn the Italian language because it really is a beautiful, unique language, it’s the language of love. If you’re going to learn it, I’m sure you’ll love it. Besides, if you learn the Italian language not only will you be able viajar en Italia easily, but you might also consider getting a job in Bel Paese.

If your dream is then to learn the Italian language, I recommend you to continue reading this blog article, which will allow you to learn new Italian words useful for your next trip to Italy.

1. Means of transport

If you are eager to travel around Italy, you must learn some Italian words. The most important thing to do is to hitchhike in the Bel Paese or go to Italy by Interrail. It will be useful to know these words if you want to move and behave like a real tourist, and therefore if you intend not only to visit the most important tourist places but also if you intend to see the Italian beauties that are more hidden and less popular. Here are some examples of means of transport in Italian:


Ferry  = traghetto

Plane = aeroplano

Car = automobile

Train = treno

Cabin = cabina 

Airport = aeroporto

Driver = guidatore

Railway station= stazione del treno

Harbour = porto

Terminal = terminal

To rent = noleggiare

Platform = binario

Ship = nave

Arrivals = arrivi

Driving licence = patente di guida 

Line = linea

2. Sea and mountains

Why should you travel around Italy? Well, because of its sea and its breathtaking mountains! If you are European and you want to visit the Maldives or the Caribbean while staying in Europe, then you should travel around Italy. Italy has beautiful beaches, and it is no coincidence that they are called Salento’s Maldives. The Bel Paese offers crystal clear waters and incredible islands. But that’s not all! During your trip to Italy, you can also ski in the mountains, you can visit mountain villages that will surely leave you amazed. You can go to the Apennines or Alps! For this, you will need to learn some Italian words regarding the mountains and the sea, for example:


Mountains = montagna

Beach = spiaggia

Peak = cima

Sea = mare

Plain = pianura

Sand = sabbia

Cable car = funivia

Swimsuit = costume da bagno

3. Cities

Next time you will travel around Italy, you can’t miss visiting some of the most famous Italian cities, such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence or Pisa. It will be impossible for you not to go to one of these incredible destinations, which is why it will be very useful for you to learn Italian words concerning cities; studying those Italian words you’ll be able to ask the locals questions and it’ll be impossible to get lost! Here are some words in Italian that you need to learn in view of your next trip in Italy:




Old town

Città vecchia



Shop / store


4. Food

If during your trip in Italy you want to live a real Italian experience, when you are in Italy you will need to know the names of the different Italian dishes in the Italian language. Knowing different Italian words concerning typical and traditional dishes, you will be able to order exactly what you want when you are in a typical restaurant. Here are some examples:


Restaurant = ristorante

Food = cibo

Dessert = dolce


Menu of the day = menù del giorno


Breakfast = colazione


5. Italy – a country to visit

Italy is a beautiful country, and if you want to learn the Italian language surely it’s because of it. There are so many places to visit, including its fantastic cities. If you want to know more about Italy, we have prepared for you a list of cities that you can’t miss during your next trip in Italy.

6. Gesticulating like an Italian

Italians abroad are known above all because of their exaggerated use of body language, therefore because of their gestures. It’s true. We Italians love to gesture as we speak in the Italian language (but also when we speak other languages). But why? Well, because for us using gestures means emphasizing what we want to say: for us a gesture, even a corporal one, is worth more than a thousand words. We Italians use a lot of different gestures when we speak, and if you have the intention to learn some of them, we suggest you take a look at this lesson: Italian Hand Gesture.

I hope you’ve learned some new Italian words that you will be able to use next time that you will travel around Italyso you can impress the locals and the natives!

If you want to learn the Italian language, I suggest you take a look at the Italian courses that VocApp offers. What is VocApp? VocApp is a web site and an application that will allow you to learn the Italian language in an efficient, fun, and easy way. That’s why I suggest you start the course Italian for travelling.

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