How to learn languages during self-isolation

How to learn languages during self-isolation

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Times are hard, folks.

Wherever you are in the world, we know for sure that the moment you turn the TV on, you are bombarded with tragic news about the current situation regarding Coronavirus. We believe that every social media is soaked enough with information about this topic, so we won’t give you any more detail about it.

On the contrary, we’d like to try to take your mind off it and provide you with some ways to kill your time during this boring and draining lockdown. At the end of the day, who says you can’t enrich yourself and make the most out of your time even if you’re stuck inside your house? In fact, you can still have access to a great number of entertaining resources from there.

Since we’re the creators of Vocapp, among the best language learning apps, that’s what we’d like to focus our attention on. Languages – this marvellous world full of verbs, conjugations, articles, adjectives, cases, translations, vocabulary… you don’t think you can make these grammar elements a source of great amusement? Give us a chance, you certainly won’t regret it.

Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but all this time in isolation can be used to master some new skills you’ve always put aside or postponed. Because what’s the thing you always tell yourself whenever you want to do something? “I don’t have time for that”. Well, now that we’re stuck at home 24/7 with no plans or events whatsoever, you’ve got no excuses anymore. Take even just one hour a day to dedicate to something you want to learn. This can be playing an instrument, singing, sewing, making origami, writing, gardening, drawing, learning languages online, painting: literally anything that comes to mind.

In case you want to learn how to make the perfect tiramisu, maybe we won’t be of much help (even if we’re definitely willing to taste it once you’re finished), but if your goal is discovering how to learn a new language, oh boy, you couldn’t possibly have picked a best website to peek into!

So, sit tight, get a pen and paper and be ready: here’s a list of 5 unmissable tips to learn a new language in quarantine:

  • 1. Get a notebook where you write down everything you learn: it will be a visual representation of your progress
  • If you’re a bit like me, I’m pretty sure your house is full of old notebooks you bought and never really used. Well, go get them! We finally found a great reason to make use of them. From the very first word you learn to the most complex grammar rule, note down everything you’re learning in the foreign language you decide to study. Make it fun, make it challenging! Your notebook will be a visual representation of all your progresses, it will fill you with pride and motivation. You can go for topics: one page dedicated to colours, one page dedicated to the days of the week, one page dedicated to animals vocabulary… it will be like going back to kindergarten, and you’re going to love it. And don’t forget – at the end of every week – to flip through the pages of your notebook and revise everything!

  • 2. Binge-watch Youtube videos
  • Sometimes we forget how lucky we are for having such a great online platform as Youtube at our disposal. In fact, apart from providing videos of cute puppies, it is the ultimate great tool for learning languages! First of all, we’d recommend you to browse into it and find all the most popular songs in the language you’re trying to learn: might be very different from the music you’re used to listening to, but doesn’t that make it even better? You can find lyric videos and rehearse your pronunciation with those in order to upgrade and do a perfect-pronounced karaoke session later! If you’ve already got a good level of the language you’re studying, you can look for some vloggers or youtubers: in that way, you’ll be able to hear some everyday expressions and colloquial vocabulary on any topic.

  • 3. Be constant. Practice even just half an hour a day, but everyday
  • This might be the most important tip. Because you can try to study the whole Turkish vocabulary in one afternoon – and good luck with that – but if that’s the only effort you’re going to put into the learning process, you’d better just give up. Languages are beautiful and mastering one will fill you with so much pride – trust us. But they do require extra attention and discipline. Just like a sportive training, be your own coach and train: set some goals and be sure you’re not asking too much of yourself – you might not risk ripping a muscle like an athlete, but you might lose your motivation. Because it isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to learn a language that belongs to a different family than yours: the sound of it will seem unnatural, there might be even characters and letters you’ve never seen before! But don’t let that scare you: keep being fascinated by it and try to discover the key to unlock all this language’s secrets. It will be a deeply rewarding experience.

  • 4. Use all the skills: (1) listening, (2) reading, (3) writing and (4) speaking
  • For you to be able to really master a language, it is important to train all 4 skills you have: you need to be able to listen and understand, read, write and speak. There are innumerable ways to train those four skills, and it can be so much fun too.

    • First of all, it is important to learn how to listen and understand. After all, even where we’re only newborn babies, before finally uttering the first words in our mother tongue, we spend a long time just listening to the people around us. You can practice your listening skill by watching TV shows or movies (try to get rid of the subtitles when you feel a bit more confident), or, as already mentioned before, by listening to music. You can even make a whole Spotify playlist full of songs in your favourite foreign language and listen to them in the shower, before going to sleep, while working out, while doing housework… it won’t seem like it, but by just listening to that one song daily, you will be getting much more comfortable around that language.
    • I know a lot of people don’t enjoy reading too much, but trust us: reading will be such an enrichment to your life. Especially if you do it in a foreign language! You have no idea about the amount of vocabulary you can pick up only by reading one single page: it will be more tiring than reading in your native language, but you’ll improve so much. Furthermore, while hearing a word in a TV show might not make you memorize it instantly, reading it in a book and repeating it out loud will be so much more effective.
    • The next tip might sound a bit old-style, but that’s why we love it. Get a penfriend. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to write letters to them (even though that sounds amazing), you can take advantage of the social media platforms we have access to and start chatting online with young people like you that are trying to learn a language. These days, it is so important to keep each other company. How amazing does it sound to make friends with someone from another country who can tell you all about the place they come from? We use technology and social media in so many despicable ways sometimes, this is definitely a good way to make use of it.
  • 5. Use Vocapp and revolutionise your way of learning
  • Last but most certainly not least, we will appeal to technology one last time to present you a fool-proof and essential tool you will certainly need during your learning process. VocApp, among the most useful international applications to learn languages online, will represent the most loyal companion during your learning process and provide you the best way to learn a language.

    “Why VocApp, though?”, you might ask yourself. Well, there certainly isn’t a lack of applications to learn languages online out there. Nevertheless, Vocapp is the one to choose: not only it´s different and its method will make you learn from a completely different perspective never found so far, but also because the results obtained with VocApp are truly incomparable to any other application. The use of flashcards will make your learning process look like a game. VocApp will help you with the most boring part of the learning process: learning by heart all those new terms that are usually so hard to keep in mind. But this will all become fun the moment you check our extravagant courses. Learning a new language has never been so entertaining!

    Well, now you know all our secrets about learning languages during self-isolation. We can’t wait for you to show off your new-discovered talent in front of family and friends!

    That being said… Good luck, have fun and hopefully see you on VocApp!

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