Romanian phrases to sound like a native

Romanian phrases to sound like a native

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Why is it important to learn common Romanian expressions?

Learning vocabulary is probably one of the most important parts when it comes to studying a new language. Whether you want to learn Romanian for fun, to do your studies, find a job or visit this country of mystery and romance, you will most likely meet some colloquial language. Such informal words and phrases can cause many misunderstandings, that’s why it’s important to know them. If you will learn and understand different informal Romanian phrases and words, it will help you impress the locals, express your thoughts in a more interesting and colourful way and understand the Romanian culture better than any unprepared tourist.

We gathered some of the most common Romanian sayings used by native speakers, funny Romanian phrases to joke with a local and Romanian love phrases to express your sympathy. Learn some cool Romanian words to increase your fluency and fit in the Romanian community!

Coolest Romanian phrases and words

Pe bune?

This is a common Romanian phrase pronounced as “pye boonye”. You can use it when you are surprised by someone’s words and want to ask “Seriously?” or “Really?”.

Freci menta

“Frech myenta” is an interesting Romanian saying and means “you’re rubbing the mint”. When you say that somebody is rubbing the mint, you mean that he is wasting time. You can also say it in order to tell the person that he’s doing nothing.

Mă aburești

When you think someone is trying to fool you or give you wrong information, you can use “me abooryesht”. It is literally translated as “you throw vapors to me”, meaning that someone wants to persuade you or is telling you something false.

E mișto!

This Romanian phrase is pronounced as “ye mishtó” and is translated as “It’s cool!”. The word “mișto” comes from the gypsy “misto”. You can use this basic Romanian phrase when you want to say that something is great and you like it. There’s no need to modify the word according to the gender of the thing you’re describing, so this Romanian saying is perfect forevery situation!

Mă scoți din pepeni!

This Romanian slang phrase is used to say that someone is pissing you off and you’re getting really angry. It is pronounced as “me skotsi din pyepyeni” and when translated, it sounds more like a Romanian joke: “you take me out of the watermelons”.


“Nashpa” is a word to use when you want to say that something is bad. You can also use “nasol” to say something is unpleasant or did not go well. When used to describe a person, this word means that he or she is not pretty.

E beton!

“Ye beton” is a basic Romanian phrase translated as “It’s concrete!”. Obviously, it has nothing to do with real concrete but means “It’s great!”. This Romanian phrase is used in informal language to express that you like something.

La naiba!

“La nayba” is a Romanian phrase expressing the same as “damn it” in English. It’s used when someone is annoyed or angry and wants to show that. So when you’re in Romania and something went wrong, you can just say “La naiba!”.

La Paștele cailor

The Romanian phrase “la pashtele kailor” is an equivalent of the English “when pigs fly”. It is translated as “at the horses’ Easter”, meaning that something has a low probability to happen or will never happen. This can also be used to say that the event will happen really far in the future.

Las-o baltă!

When you want to tell someone to forget something or just let it go, you can say “laso balte”. It is literally translated as “let it puddle”.

Frate / soro

Romanians often use the words “brother” or “sister” to address a friend. They also use the plural “fraților” (fratsilor) when they are addressing a group of people. If you’ll make some friends in Romania, it could be a word you could use when you speak to them.

Vorbești aiurea!

This Romanian phrase is pronounced as “vorbyeshti ayoorya” and means “you talk nonsense”. You can also use the word “aiurea” when something is not true, it is bad or seems improbable.

Mi-ai intrat în suflet

Romania is a very romantic country and a great place to fall in love with someone! If it happens, you can say “miyay intrat in sooflyet”, which means that that person “entered your soul” or that you like the person so much that he/she has become a part of your soul.

Bag mâna în foc pentru tine

When you want to say that you can confirm that somebody said the truth or that he is a good person, you can use the Romanian phrase “bag mina in fok pyentroo tinye”. It means that you’re ready to put your hand in the fire for that person.

Inima mea îți aparține

Another Romanian love phrase is “inima mya its apartsinye” and it means “my heart belongs to you” or “my heart is yours”. It is a Romanian saying used to express a very strong connection and true love between two people. You can also use it with a Romanian term of endearment, such as “iubirea mea” (yoobirya mya) or “dragostea mea” (dragostya mya) both meaning “my love” in Romanian.

Now that you know so much of the Romanian slang, you will really speak like a native speaker! These Romanian phrases will help you stay current with the local dialect and understand it better and will create a feeling of belonging to the local community. This will give you the chance to make good friends and maintain your communication even after your trip is over. Learning Romanian sayings is also a great way to learn the local history, you will discover more about the region you visit using slang.

Want to learn more Romanian?

We are more than sure that these Romanian phrases will be really useful to you. If you found our article to be absorbing, there’s a way to easily learn other Romanian sayings with flashcards. The lessons and courses on VocApp are super effective when it comes to learning basic Romanian and even more advanced vocabulary. Take a look at the Funny Romanian words and expressions and Love phrases in Romanian lessons to discover some other interesting Romanian phrases. Continue learning basic Romanian with our Everyday phrases in Romanian course that includes some of the most important Romanian phrases to use in many circumstances: in a bank, in a hotel, at work, and not only. It will also introduce you to the super useful Romanian greetings that you’ll need when visiting Romania. Each flashcard of this Romanian language course comes with the Romanian to English translation and pronunciation, to ensure that you will understand the word and know how to use it in real life! Try learning with VocApp flashcards and see how easy and fun it can be to remember new words!

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