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Most unusual hotels in Europe

Most unusual hotels in Europe

Adventures, unforgettable experiences, crazy stories, precious memories!

Do you believe that traveling includes all of this? If you do and you are planning your  next unconventional journey, this article about the most unusual hotels in Europe is all you need to get some good inspiration. Get ready to discover some of the craziest accommodations you can find in Europe, eco friendly hotels, huts located in the highest summits, tree houses or floating cabins! Let’s go!

1. The most unique accommodations in Italy:

Hut Luca Vuerich, Italian Alps

Are you willing you climb up to 2531 meters in the Julian Alps? If you are (good luck with that!) well you can stay overnight in this tiny, cozy, beautifully designed hut for free! This place can host up to 8 persons and the view from there is totally breathtaking (in any possible way).

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