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How to speak a second language fluently at work

How to speak a second language fluently at work

Nowadays more and more people are eager to work in an international environment!

Think about it: how easy is it to have a Skype interview, get a contract, get a plane and settle your life somewhere else?! We can definitely say that in the 21st century our career path is not limited to one country. We are willing to go over the geographical borders and look for better opportunities somewhere else in the world, we look for new exciting experiences, a better CV, broader views and better language skills.

However, although it seems quite easy to find a job abroad, it might not be as easy to adapt to a new, foreign working environment. Why? Well, because we might know the second language well, but we simply have never used it in a formal context, or we lack work vocabulary.
How to manage such situation then? How to learn quickly and efficiently to speak a second language in a new workplace?

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