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Vocapp Vibes: Language and Culture (#4-Portugal)

Vocapp Vibes: Language and Culture (#4-Portugal)

Hello my Listeners!!! How are you today ?? Hope everything is good because we are about to bring some good vibes with the 4th episode of our humble podcast.

For today’s episode we are going to bring you some Portuguese “Saudade” vibes
With help from our guest Alexandra the great, we’ll discuss about:

    • Portuguese culture through the eyes of a native
    • Curiosities and stereotypes
    • Personal Stories
    • Portuguese songs: Everything you should know about Fado and it connection with culture !!
    • Portuguese language tips

    So don’t hesitate and press the play!!

    Vocapp you, Vocapp me, Vocapp your life: Learn laguages with flashcards!

    Why learn Portuguese ?

    You might know that Portugal is a small country, but its language has travelled a lot.

    read more
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