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Ted.com is a website with more then 1,700 talks (i.e. videos with speeches in English) available for free.


  • The talks regard quite interesting subjects (technology, science, business, trends, medicine, psychology).
  • A lot of great speakers (e.g. Nobel Prize Winners or Google founders) give their presentations.
  • You have a chance to learn a great variety of accents (speakers come from various countries, their age and sex vary).
  • English transcriptions and subtitles are available.
  • Transcriptions in other languages (than English) may be helpful for beginners.
  • The presentations are short (about 10 minutes).
  • Watching the videos is for free.
  • New videos are uploaded every week.


  • Sometimes the talks are a little bit too lefty.
  • Very old videos don’t have transcriptions.
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