Tips on the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands

Tips on the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands

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Do you want to travel to the Netherlands?

Do you want to travel somewhere and are looking for tips on where to go? Well, do you know what Holland is known for? You’ve guessed it! Tulips! In their own Tulip Festival, many and many tulips of all colors and forms, miles and miles of gardens filled with them.

Have you ever asked yourself what is the best time to see tulips in Amsterdam? Keep reading our blog to learn some tips on the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands and understand a bit more about Dutch traditions and the tulip culture of this country.

Why are Tulips the symbol of the Netherlands?

Where did this particular flower come from and how did it reach the Netherlands? Well, we first need to travel to a very distant Turkey, back to when it was still called the Ottoman Empire. This is where the first tulips were brought to Europe from.

Originally, travelers and merchants from Anatolia and Central Asia brought them for cultivation. The flower was imported into Holland in the 16th century. When Carolus Clusius, a doctor and pioneering botanist, wrote the 1st major book on tulips in 1592, the flower became extremely popular. So much so, that people attacked his garden looking for bulbs regularly.

During the Dutch Golden Age, the interest for the colorful flower grew and it began appearing in paintings and festivals. It became so popular that, in the mid-17th century, the first economic bubble was“Tulip Mania”. The plant was used as money and people bought up more and more expensive bulbs that became. This eventually caused the crash of the market.

Best time to go to Holland

The 1st tip for an amazing experience in the Netherlands is that mid-April is the best season to visit this enchanting country.

Although National Tulip Day happens during the month of January, it is still too cold for tulips to blossom. The reason it is celebrated is to prepare the tulip season of the following months.

Tulips start blooming at the end of March until mid-May. That is the best, most beautiful moment to see the flowers is during the month of April. During that time, you will witness the blossoming of more than 7 million flowers.

Where to go in order to experience the tulips blossom the best?

To this day, the Netherlands is known for its tulips and other flowers, often called “the flower shop of the world”.

You can see the tulip season the best at the Keukenhof Gardens if you want to get lost in the magic of the tulip fields! The gardens are located south of Haarlem, where most pictures of tulip gardens are taken. The Keukenhof Gardens are the best gardens to see this amazing flowers, as they are the largest flower gardens in the world.

Travel packages and group tours usually include the Festival, for it is one of the easiest and best ways to enjoy your visit. Most gardens are within public transportation routes which makes the access faster and very practical. Also, every year, Noordoostpolder organizes the Tulip Festival, in the mist of tulip fields.

Other fantastic Places to see the Tulips

Kop van Noord-Holland is the place in Holland where millions of tulips, hyacinths and other flowers can be found, in a landscape sea of color.

A must see is near Amsterdam, in Aalsmeer, namely the world’s biggest flower auction. Spend your day walking around the fields with family and friends. Bring a towel and picnic with those that make you feel the best of yourself, in one of the most exquisite cultural places in Europe and the world!

So, what did you think of our tips on the Tulip Festival in Holland? Do you see yourself visiting the tulip fields and the Keukenhof gardens?

If you were searching for the right time to visit this country during the National Tulip Day or during the tulip season, or if you were simply trying to understand why are tulips the symbol of the Netherlands, we hope we have helped you decide your next travel destination. And if you do decide to go, while admiring the endless colorful tulip fields, remember to say in Ducth “Het is mooi!” (This is beautiful!).

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