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Vocapp Vibes: Language and Culture (#8- Spain,Romania and Ukraine)

Vocapp Vibes: Language and Culture (#8- Spain,Romania and Ukraine)


For the eight episode of our humble podcast we are joined by our Multicultural guest Aria, who’s a Romanian-born Ukranian computer programmer in Spain! Yes, you actually have read it right! lol . She likes to call herself more spanish than tapas and brought her unique critical mindset that allowed us discuss many topics like:

    • The life of a Romanian in Spain
    • The truth behind ” Woman being a computer programmer”
    • Political wire topics
    • Spanish music 
    • Erasmus life in Serbia
    • The most important: almost an hour of positive vibes and talks

    You don’t want to miss this, press play to listen now!

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Vocapp Vibes: Language and Culture (#7-Southern Italy Edition)

Vocapp Vibes: Language and Culture (#7-Southern Italy Edition)

Good Life my listeners!!! Today’s episode is an answer to the second episode where we talked about Italy and we figured out many differences between the South and the North part of the country. Since our guest in the second episode was from the North, we are now interested in hearing a voice from the South! With help from our guest Christian, we’ll be talking about:

  • Southern Italian Dialect words
  • Southern Italian culture through the eyes of a native.
  • Curiosities and stereotypes from Southern Italy
  • Personal Stories
  • Italian songs, Football, Travel tips and positive vibes

There are so many things to discover about the Italian culture, that we don’t know where to start! But you should definitely start with our podcast…

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Get ready for the upcoming French week! C’est parti mon kiki!

Get ready for the upcoming French week! C’est parti mon kiki!

If French language has always attracted you (which we fully understand), or if you’re just curious about it – we are now giving you the opportunity to order the famous “croissants” and “baguettes” all by yourself, with ease and simplicity, in just one week!

Indeed, this week is dedicated to the French language, which means that we will offer you to discover one lesson per day, whether in the cooking or business field, there’s something for everyone.

Many of you probably still have some doubts concerning French grammar, but let us go beyond the prejudices. That’s one of the reasons why it’s comfortable to use our courses – they’re designed so that everyone can access them, in a simple manner, and you will find examples or clues that will make it easier for you to study each lesson.

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VocApp team

VocApp team

How it all began?

“Where there is a will, there is a way.” It all began during a trip from Rafal, the founder of Fiszkoteka, to study in Berlin. He had only one month to prepare for the German exam and time was scarce to study everything. So he had an idea. Inspired by scientist Piotra Woźniak who studied memory and algorithms of effective learning, he programmed a simple version of the algorithm for his own use. The results exceeded his expectations and passed the exam with one of the best results. Fascinated by the potential of this form of learning, Rafal decided to share this tool with everyone. Fiszkoteka was born and today there is 1.000.000 users in Poland.

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