How to speak a second language fluently at work

How to speak a second language fluently at work

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Nowadays more and more people are eager to work in an international environment!

Think about it: how easy is it to have a Skype interview, get a contract, get a plane and settle your life somewhere else?! We can definitely say that in the 21st century our career path is not limited to one country. We are willing to go over the geographical borders and look for better opportunities somewhere else in the world, we look for new exciting experiences, a better CV, broader views and better language skills.

However, although it seems quite easy to find a job abroad, it might not be as easy to adapt to a new, foreign working environment. Why? Well, because we might know the second language well, but we simply have never used it in a formal context, or we lack work vocabulary.
How to manage such situation then? How to learn quickly and efficiently to speak a second language in a new workplace?

No worries, sit back, relax and keep reading this article! Our team is very international, so what better than learning through someone else’s experience? We are going to tell you everything you need to know about working abroad and improving your language skills accordingly.

And if you are planning to go to start your career in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal or Germany, here are the lessons you need to study to improve your work vocabulary!

  1. Work vocabulary and phrases in Italian
  2. Work vocabulary and phrases in Spanish
  3. Work vocabulary and phrases in French
  4. Work vocabulary and phrases in Portuguese
  5. Work vocabulary and phrases in German

1.Get to know more about the company’s core values

Each company works in a different way: different team members, different approaches, different targets, different rules and balances. Before thinking already about perfecting your second language, you should first know the core values of the company. You can also try to search for personal experiences from past employees of that company (usually it works for big companies). In this way, you can read more about the perspective of someone who has collaborated with the company in the past and knows more about it. 


When we work in a new country and whole environment, language won’t be the only obstacle, but rather culture will! Why? That is simply because a different culture means a different way of thinking and prioritizing things. Therefore, what is really important is getting to know very well the culture of your colleagues. Observation is the key:

-Carefully pay attention to their behavior, the way they show respect, how they collaborate and help each other

-Are they formal or not? Are they frank and sincere when there is a problem that needs to be discussed? Do they like to create a friendly and chill environment?

Observe, learn and adapt to it. If you want to fully become part of the team you need to respect the culture first.

3.Learn from your co-workers

The best way of learning a language is through exposition. It is faster and more efficient! Being all the day long next to someone who speaks your target language makes everything easier, you just need to be patient with yourself. Furthermore, there will be for sure some co-workers who will be enthusiastic to teach you some key words and important phrases. Why? Because working with someone who shares a different language and culture than yours is always exciting. You can learn from them and they can learn from you. So, be open to accept their help and suggestions.

Last but not least: you need to practice even outside the office if you want to improve your language skills! A fun, efficient and easy way to do it is through language apps!

Why? Because you can practice on the way to the office, while waiting at the metro station, or when you are sitting down in a bus or a cab. You can also practice 5 minutes during the lunch break or a few minutes in bed before falling asleep. In any case, it doesn’t require much time yet it makes the difference!

If you want to find a new language app that matches your needs, take a look at VocApp! You learn fast and remember forever!

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