Most unusual hotels in Europe

Most unusual hotels in Europe

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Adventures, unforgettable experiences, crazy stories, precious memories!

Do you believe that traveling includes all of this? If you do and you are planning your  next unconventional journey, this article about the most unusual hotels in Europe is all you need to get some good inspiration. Get ready to discover some of the craziest accommodations you can find in Europe, eco friendly hotels, huts located in the highest summits, tree houses or floating cabins! Let’s go!

1. The most unique accommodations in Italy:

Hut Luca Vuerich, Italian Alps

Are you willing you climb up to 2531 meters in the Julian Alps? If you are (good luck with that!) well you can stay overnight in this tiny, cozy, beautifully designed hut for free! This place can host up to 8 persons and the view from there is totally breathtaking (in any possible way).

Trulli in the earth of Apulia

Do you fancy a relaxed, romantic, warm weekend? Then this is something that is totally worth experiencing! A trullo is a traditional stone dwelling typical from Apulia in Italy. With its thick walls, this is the ideal summer house, perfect to escape from the extreme heat waves during summer. And did you know that trulli are also part of the UNESCO heritage since they are built using a prehistoric technique? You should definitely not miss this chance.

Hut Lagazuoi

Located on the peak of Mount Lagazuoi above the Falzarego Pass, this is the perfect location for meditation. Get ready to get lost admiring the surrounding landscape.

Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Have you ever slept in a historic 13th century monastery? If not, there is always a fist time! This place was renovated and turned into a luxurious 5 start hotel perched on a cliff top, 80 meters above the sea level! Located on the Amalfi coast, this place will offer you the best sunrise and sunsets you have ever seen.

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2. The most incredible accommodations in Spain:

Hotel Rural Los Caracoles, Torrox (Málaga)

Do you love mountains yet can’t give up on a beautiful white beach either? This place can offer you both! Stay in cave-like buildings in spacious gardens and enjoy the beautiful views of the Costa del Sol and the surrounding mountains of the Axarquia area. It is located 60 km from Málaga, 10 km from Nerja and 8 km from the village of Torrox… so this place is the perfect choice for a short escape in the nature!

Hotel Cueva, Tardienta (Huesca)

In the middle of the Monegros desert in the northeastern part of Spain, in between the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca, this unique hotel is excavated in the mountains! Definitely something worth trying.

Vivood Landscape Hotel, Benimantell (Alicante)

Merge with the surrounding nature of Benimantell, near Alicante. Stay in this sustainable resort raised off the ground to reduce its impact on the landscape and enable stunning views over the valley.

Cabanes Als Arbres, Arbúcies (Girona)

What about staying in direct contact with nature? Located in the heart of Les Guilleries sierra, near Girona, these tree houses enable you to escape from the stressful daily life in the city offering you relax, intimacy and freedom. Attention: to not pollute the surrounding ecosystem the tree houses do not have electricity nor running water! You have to reach a nearby venue to have access to these services, so enjoy the walk!

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3. The most fascinating accommodations in France:

Samsaget Hobbit House, Dordogne

Are you a big fan of The Lord of the Rings? Then you should definitely stay overnight at this place! Everything looks like in the movie, small circular windows, round doors, small cozy beds, beautiful green gardens … a magic place!

Attrap’Rêves Bubbles, Marseille

Would you fancy spending a night in a transparent bubble? Located near the city of Marseille, this fascinating location offers you to spend a romantic weekend under the starry sky! Do not miss even one falling star thanks to the unobstructed, 360-degree view of the surrounding nature. Experience this tiny, unconventional yet cozy cocoon inflated ready to host romantic lovers!

Floating Village in Pressac

How incredible would that be to stay in a floating cabin? Located in the natural protected are a of la Vienne County, this “floating village” offers 20 floating cabins spread all over a lake ready to rent. Sleep on water, enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna, relax listening to the sound of the water. Can you be any closer to nature than this?

Igloo and Chalet in Chamonix

For all those travelers passionate about mountains during the winter season, there is an incredible option as well! Have you ever considered the idea of sleeping in a igloo? Well, now you can make it true! Stay overnight in a fantastic igloo built next to a Chalet in Chamonix. Do you think it will be a little too cold? No worries, the igloo is equipped with bed bases, insulating mattresses and extreme cold resistant sleeping blags.

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4. The most unconventional accommodations in Portugal

The Wine House Hotel, Quinta da Pacheca

Are you a big fun of Portuguese wine? Well, we have good news for you! At the Quinta da Pacheca estate in Douro, you can have the opportunity to sleep at the vineyard and stay in giant renovated wine barrels! These big, spacious barrells can offer you all the amenities you need. And, for sure, during your stay you can enjoy wine tasting… how perfect is it?!

Pedras Salgadas , Bornes de Aguiar

If you are more interested in ecological hotels, this location will definitely match your needs. Here at Pedras Salgadas, the guests will be accommodated in modern wooden houses that perfectly hide among the trees and totally adapt to the landscape.

Mango Yurt, Madeira island

Have you ever wondered how does it feel to wake up surround by the blue sea, look at the ocean from a hammock,  have a fresh drink in the middle of the exotic nature? Well, if all of this is what you have been looking for, this place is what you need!

Cabanas no Rio, Alentejo region

If you are looking for complete isolation in the middle of the nature, this is the best option you can get! With its two wooden huts located next to the river, this place has a lot to offer. A bedroom with a small toilet and sheltered outdoor shower, a living area and a small area where you can prepare your food. Simple, comfortable and eco friendly!

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4. The most unbelievable accommodations in Germany and Austria:

Das Park Hotel, Bernepark (Germany)

Have you ever thought about staying in a hotel whose rooms are made from old sewer pipes? Well, few people probably have considered this option, but this could be definitely a total new alternative experience. You’ll be surprised of how comfortable such rooms can actually be!

Radisson Blu Berlin

What’s unconventional about this place? Well, something like having the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world in the lobby is definitely not common for a hotel! Located in the heart of the city of Berlin, this luxurious hotel should be included in your checklist of things to see in Berlin. For sure, you can stay overnight here, even better!

Igloo Village Kuhtai, Austria

Have your ever dreamed of sleeping in snow rooms with LED lights without giving up on comfy (and warm) beds and a modern design? Then, this unique hotel is made for you! Retreat in the middle of the snowy mountains and turn this experience into an unforgettable adventure!

Hotel Schafbergspitze, Austria

Do you want to get a room with view from the summit of the famous Schafsberg Mountain? Sure you do! From this hotel located on the edge of the cliff 1780 meters above the sea level, you can admire one of the most breathtaking landscapes. Definitely a must see if you are planning to visit Austria!

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