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Table manners: Do’s and Don’ts abroad

Table manners: Do’s and Don’ts abroad

Food is definitely the main essence of traveling.

You can’t fully experience the culture of a country if you do not taste local food. Think about one of the best journeys you have ever had, wasn’t food a big part of it? Didn’t it make your overall experience even more special?
Home food, street food, local restaurants, secret recipes, unique ingredients, strong fragrances. Can you picture all of this in your journey?

Although appreciating local food is very important, it is not enough to be a perfect traveler. If you really want to eat like a local, then you have to learn how to behave like a local, which means, respecting the good table manners of the country you are visiting. This is something very important to learn ahead, in order to avoid being disrespectful or very impolite towards locals. read more

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