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Simone – The World Passenger

Simone – The World Passenger


Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of exchanging our insights on learning languages with Simone, who is as passionate about them as we are 🙂 Check out our interview and take your language learning to the next level!

VocApp: Is it true that knowing languages makes travelling easier?

Simone: You bet it does! Knowing languages makes travelling a lot easier especially in those countries where English is not spoken (or at least not that much). A good example can be Italy, my motherland, where not everyone working on railway stations speaks fluent English, especially if you go out of the big cities. I know it’s always challenging for tourists who need information. On the other hand, Italians are known to make themselves understood just by using their hand gestures, so the tourists can rest assured 😉 I’d also like to add that knowing languages not only makes travelling easier but it enriches your travel experience a lot. If I think about my solo trip to South America it wouldn’t have been the same without being able to speak Spanish. The locals were really open with me and I was even invited for lunch or dinner a few times. I really had a full immersion in the local culture, both in Argentina and Chile, and got to know much more about their traditions thanks to the language. read more

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