Tips for a successful job interview

Tips for a successful job interview

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Preparation is key to a successful job interview!

So, if you want to have an international dream job, getting ready for the interview is the first important step.

First of all, we need to congratulate you for your determined attitude and energy.  Choosing the best for you and your professional life by following your heart rather than your mind is not the easiest option! You have completed the hardest task (dropping what you have for something better) and now you are officially over the hump.

As the biggest traveler of all times once said “Following the light of the sun, we left the old world.”  (That’s right, Christopher Columbus!), that is to say if you follow our helping guide, you will reach a new world!

Step by step

Firstly, you need to show your charisma and let your aura dominate your presence and handle your interview. Free your mind and face your job interviewer!

This is your lucky day! We can help you make sure your recruitment is assured if you let us lead you towards success!

For instance, we know that there are many questions that worry you. “How can I greet the manager?”, “Do I have to lead the interview?”, “What if I say some terms wrong?”, “What strengths should I point out and what weaknesses?”, but above all, “What about the language barriers?

Please take a deep breath before reading the following points. Everything is going to be alright.

You can thank us later!

So let’s start with what you should and shouldn’t do during an interview, in order to establish a good atmosphere and ease your spirit:

Below we will give you the greatest hints for the best performance in your next job interview!

  • Don’t show up late: it’s a clear form of dis-respect and if it occurs, the recruiter will be impacted on his final verdict.
⚠️ Remember: the interview starts the moment you step into the assigned location!
  • Wear comfortable outfits that suits the work you are at, while keeping a professional attitude.
  • Don’t be arrogant and indifferent! This will ruin your profile and build up suspicion. Just be yourself and talk about your capabilities. Talk about your achievements and experiences. And DON’T neglect your will to improve your knowledge.
  • Don’t forget: you are the master/mistress of your emotions! For example, your body language could be influenced by your positive or negative thoughts. In other words, try to lower your stress and show interest on the interview by avoiding “shifty eyes”.

  • You do not lead the discussion, your interlocutor is! Stay focused on what he/she asks and avoid being lead to a never-ending conversation on personal affairs.
  • Don’t over-prepare your interview! You still want it to be natural!
  • Adapt your Curriculum Vitae to the required profile and the company, in order to valorize your skills and qualifications.
  • Don’t mention the salary or the days-off too quickly. Let the interviewer manifest his/her agreement on your enrollment first!

  • Know more about the company! This helps the flexibility of the conversation and proves your interest in the company. Moreover, it also proves your enthusiasm to contribute to its future achievements.
  • The recruiter may try to test you by asking if you have any questions. Never say NO! You can ask simple questions like: “How does the company adjust to the market?” or “What is the difference between a good applicant and a great one?”
  • Prepare for loaded questions in advance, in order to anticipate awkwardness. Improvisation is not always the solution.

Continue learning!

Now you are prepared to face your future with your powerful and determined mind! To help you continue, we have created many lessons to help you learn the best and most useful phrases and expressions to rock your interview!

Afterwards, you can check these websites to have access to the lessons on interview phrases from English to Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German:

  • Italian:

  • Spanish:

  • French:

  • Portuguese:

  • German:

Here you have complete courses of what you can say during your interview, such as: greetings, farewells, show your interests, talk about your experience and more! Do not miss our tips on how you can stand out and get the job!

To sum up, you live in an linked world, therefore you can not use language barriers as an excuse to not be able to pursue your dreams!

In the meanwhile, you can check our website or download our app which includes a total of 30 languages! Firstly, with VocApp you can learn more than just the grammar, secondly you can deepen your knowledge about several subjects, such as marketing or business, traveling or cuisine, and lastly you can enjoy all of this wherever you go!

Written by Meryem Ouhamani

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