Top 10 Best Erasmus Mobility Destinations

Top 10 Best Erasmus Mobility Destinations

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Have you ever wondered what the Erasmus mobility is?

Do you want to go to a different country to continue your studies but you do not know which country to choose? We made a list of the top 10 most popular countries to travel to with the Erasmus mobility to help you decide!

One of the most exciting time for university students is when they get a change to travel to another country to study. However, this can be a very expensive and challenging decision to take.

Erasmus in Europe!

To be able to allow students to travel to different European countries while studying and experiencing different cultures, the European Union created a programe called Erasmus. It is meant to help students to have financial support, as well as granted education while going to study to another European country for a period of time.

There are more than 28 European countries joining the programme. Within these, we compiled a list of the most popular countries that students choose to go to during the Erasmus mobility to help you decide what is the most suitable destination for you. Here we go!

1. Erasmus in Spain!

One of the most popular countries for Erasmus mobility is Spain! The number of cities you can choose for your Erasmus is tremendous and you can have some of the best of life experiences in this country, a place full of vibrant destinations, such as the lively and surprising Barcelona, with its history, culture and gastronomy. If you prefer a more quite location where you can focus and study Toledo could be the city for you! Another good option is Madrid, the capital of Spain, a city that can be very good for you if you are interested in translation. As part of the list for the best Erasmus cities you can ever experience there are also cities like Valencia and Granada, fun guaranteed.

2. Erasmus in Portugal!

If you are looking for cities near the sea, or an easy going country that will give you a warm welcome, Portugal is the country for your Erasmus mobility! With a lot of interesting history for you to learn, as well as a bright future for Start ups and International Companies, Lisbon is one of the most preferred destinations. Right after comes Porto, where you can experience the Portuguese northern culture: being friendly and having fun is the main essence there! Let your breath be taken away by the Douro River and the green scenery while studying at some of the best universities in Europe!

3. Erasmus in Poland!

If you are looking for a surprise, go to Poland! This country tends to escape the list of countries for Erasmus mobility, but trust us, it will be one of the best experiences of your life! Amazing transportation systems, cheap prices and vibrant city centers! Discover the history and the culture of the exciting cities of Krakow and Wroclaw! And of course Warsaw, the capital, cannot be forgotten! Learn more about the history of the country that suffered the most during World War II. Have a break and some good food in one of the many beautiful coffee shops and restaurants hidden in the old towns.

4. Erasmus in Germany!

Let’s now travel to Berlin, the capital city of Germany! This city is full of contrasting ideas, jumping between classic and modern, artistic and governmental. A city for everyone’s taste! Germany is known for its festivals, parties and events, and some of the best ones take place precisely in Berlin! Beers, sun and outdoor activities are very much appreciated by everyone during Spring and Summer in Germany!

5. Erasmus in Serbia!

Joining the Erasmus programe only in 2019, Serbia immediately became a popular choice for Erasmus Mobility! There is so much to see in this exciting country, but let’s start with the capital, Belgrade! This is a romantic destination to choose for you to have the best Erasmus love stories! Get lost in the numerous gardens and museums! Discover the parks and all the monuments and spread your knowledge. Learn the history of the capital with your explorations.

6. Erasmus in Italy!

If you are a culture and arts lover, Italy is definitely the country for your Erasmus mobility! Keep the romantic feelings at bay and travel to Rome, Milan or Florence to discover some of Europe’s most influential sites and experience the nightlife with your new Italian friends!  See what it is like to travel to the “boot of Europe”! Live the most exciting moments of your life in Italy! Take a walk around these Italian cities and admire the architecture! Travel back in time to the Renaissance or to the Roman empire. Don’t forget to enjoy a football match while you are there! Last but not least, fill your heart with emotions given by the most romantic place on Earth!

7.Erasmus in Lithuania!

Another must visit Erasmus destination is the country of Lithuania! This is a country filled with bunkers and museums to be explored, as well as beautiful churches, palaces and monasteries! Go to Vilnius Old Town if you want to visit one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, walk around the beautiful European-looking streets, or take a trip to Trakai to rest and discover this lake resort!

8.Erasmus in Sweden!

If you are interested in the Nordic countries culture, Sweden is the place for you to live your Erasmus life! Travel to the country of vikings and warriors, and discover what is so fascinating about the Scandinavian countries! Stockholm is the city to go to for exciting adventures and discoveries, with its 14 islands and more than 50 bridges, and plenty of culture to be admired! Palaces, cathedrals and boats rides: this is definitely the city for your next adventures!

9.Erasmus in Czech Republic!

This country is not only becoming one of the favorite European destinations for tourists, but it is also one of the top destinations for Erasmus students, with its lower prices, old architecture and war-related stories that give a special atmosphere in the cities. Prague is the perfect destination if you are looking for culture and knowledge. Go to the old town or visit the castles and churches during the day, then party hard at night!

10. Erasmus in the Netherlands!

And last, but surely not least, we find the Netherlands! If you are looking for a thrilling adventure in a young and wild country, make sure to spend your Erasmus mobility in the Netherlands, particularly in the capital of the country, Amsterdam! Enjoy the parks and the vibrating streets of this exciting beautiful European city. Visit the museums and bike around the city while admiring the romantic canals. Here you will have some of the most breathtaking moments of your life! And of course, at night, make sure to party and enjoy the amazing nightlife of this free spirited city.

Written by Bárbara Marques

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