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VocApp team

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How it all began?

“Where there is a will, there is a way.” It all began during a trip from Rafal, the founder of Fiszkoteka, to study in Berlin. He had only one month to prepare for the German exam and time was scarce to study everything. So he had an idea. Inspired by scientist Piotra Woźniak who studied memory and algorithms of effective learning, he programmed a simple version of the algorithm for his own use. The results exceeded his expectations and passed the exam with one of the best results. Fascinated by the potential of this form of learning, Rafal decided to share this tool with everyone. Fiszkoteka was born and today there is 1.000.000 users in Poland.

With the desire to share this effective learning through flashcards with the world, there was a need to create a new application. VocApp was born and is represented by a team that is an “international family”. More than 50 trainees from all around the world have passed through VocApp, about 30 nationalities. Currently our team has 12 trainees from several countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belarus, France, Lithuania, Slovakia and Japan.

Why is our method the best?

At VocApp we are rigorous and we work everyday to make our courses the best, so we believe that the most effective method is to use memory cards while learning a new language. Memory cards activate parts of the brain that facilitate learning. According to experts this method works because simplicity helps to build memories more easily. The spaced Repetition System is a very useful technique for learning new vocabulary in record time. This technique is derived from the English Spaced Repetition System and consists of reviewing content at regular intervals. This method proves to be much more effective than the international courses, because in addition to learning a new language, you are also training the memory. Our language courses: Spanish, English, German, Chinese, among others, prepare for CAE, FCE, TOEFL, DELE exams in a fast, fun and effective way.

Our VocApp Team

We are a multicultural company that works daily with more than 30 languages, which integrate our application. Our team is made up of people from all over the world, which makes our identity multicultural. This diversity brings with it creativity and the will to innovate every day. Everyone has a different native vision of their roots, which brings a different dynamism to our team. The fact that trainees know the reality and the popularity of the markets of their native countries is an advantage to expand our courses across borders.

Working in an international team is a daily growth. We learn every day to deal with new cultures, new customs which allows us to have a new vision of the world. The fact that we are an international team and speak a lot of different languages ​​in the office, allows us to have contact with new languages, learn new languages ​​and arouse the curiosity to visit new countries.

We have a team of professional linguists from various countries, who put a little of their culture everyday in the courses developed, making them so differentiating and effective. Its function is to develop new courses, new lessons and translate. This work developed by our team of linguists is crucial to the success of our courses. We also have a Marketing team whose job is to work on SEO, that is, to optimize our courses in the internet search engines and app stores. The Marketing team is also responsible for developing new Marketing strategies and managing social networks.

VocApp belongs to the millenial generation. As such, this team is enterprising, always available with new ideas, guided by an open and transparent communication without forgetting that it fights for equality and inclusion. This team is enthusiastic about working with innovative technologies, it is an ambitious team that wants always more and better and that works with the objective of leaving its mark in the society. Without forgetting that one of the pillars of the success of this team is teamwork, which makes this team united and always available to help others. Thanks to all this, the work environment at VocApp is fantastic, young, dynamic and above all international, which provides a fantastic experience for all those who pass here.

  • “The international environment helped me improve and practice the languages I know.“
    Tiffany Dantas –  Luxembourg
  • “My experience on vocapp: gr8. 8/8”
    Roberta  Lukaševičiūtė –  Lithuania
  • “Working with VocApp and the linguist team has been a great opportunity of improvement my skills and knowledge”
    Bárbara Marques – Portugal
  • “Really nice experience with a great work environment”
    Guillermos Canas, Spain
  • “This internship gave me an opportunity to improve communication skills and learn so much more about different cultures”
    Hanna Muchnik , Belarus
  • Working in an international team is a constant growth!
    Alexandra Morais, Portugal
  • “I’m having a good experience here, working with people from different origins in a foreign country is a first for me. I learn a lot from each culture, the internship wouldn’t be that interesting without this aspect! I’m also learning a lot here, although I know I’m not made for this kind of jobs it provides some knowledge that I’ll find interesting in the future! ”
    Valentin Vignaut, France
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